About the race brief description Required: GPS device, valid Insurance for competitors in motor sport or an adequate license MSS. Preparations for Hard Enduro Race Sokobanja 2018 are in progress. You are expecting two days of driving in categories:

• Class A - for experienced, physically and mentally prepared hard-enduro drivers.

• Class B (+ 40, J) - for the middle level of hard-enduro drivers, experienced in driving on difficult terrain, good physical and psychic form.

• Class C (W) - for drivers who can cross a hard enduro part, a class that is not for beginners. Drivers should have a basic knowledge of the hard endurance.

Friday; since registration, you will pass GPS navigation, you will receive a number, mark the motorcycle only for motorcycles left in Parc Ferme.

The meeting where you meet the schedule and the rules we end up hanging out. Intensive troubleshooting is important for achieving a good result!

In Saturday and Sunday you are expecting a full day drive, starting classes: A, B (+ 40, J), C (W); You can see the results of the first day of the race and the winner of the race on the Facebok or in the Meeting Room in the bulletin board.

Applications begin December, 15th 2018.